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What is Fia?

Fia makes it easy to aggregate, analyze and visualize faculty data to make better informed decisions and share your impact.

How does it work?

Faculty members keep an updated individual Fia-CV with their engagements and achievements.
Additional data may be imported from external databases, e.g. publications, CRIS or internal systems. Fia aggregates data into actionable insights for managers and useful tools for faculty.

Why Fia?

Fia brings faculty data to life by aggregations and visualizations.

Use Fia to:
Drive performance
Share your impact
Assess and assure quality
Reach accreditations

It is challenging to collect and assess decisions material in higher education, in many cases decisions are made based on unsatisfactory material. It is also challenging to track changes and follow-up effects of past decisions. Fia makes it easy to collect and present relevant data backing decisions and discussions with facts. Furthermore, it is possible to track change over time, visualizing improvement.